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You should have choices! Here's what we can do....


As a certified Keller Offers agent, I'm able to offer my sellers a cash offer from Keller Offers. With this option, sellers do not have to forgo the expertise and representation of a trusted agent to guide them through the process. Here's how it works...

Keller Offers makes an offer to purchase your property. I will review the offer with you and provide a comparison analysis to show the difference between the cash offer and what we expect an MLS listed offer to be.

Keller Offers may be the perfect fit for a buyer who needs to sell first, the buyer who found the perfect house in a hot market and needs to be a true cash buyer, the out of town buyer, or the buyer who inherited property out of state and wants a quick and easy sale.



Do you believe your home will sell for a fixed price, or do you believe there is a range of value based on the marketing and negotiation skills of your realtor? Correct, it will sell on market within a range of value. Here's how we influence getting your price at the top of the range.

Staging - I will walk through your house together with my stager, and I'll show you ways to put your property in the best presentation mode. 

Pricing Strategy - together we will develop a pricing strategy so that you don't leave money on the table, but you also don't price so high you turn buyers away. 

Maximum Exposure - with professional staging, photography, print marketing, neighborhood marketing, social media marketing and more, we assure your property gains maximum exposure online, where the majority of homebuyers first see their the home they buy. Through maximum online exposure, we gain maximum showings which in turn brings more offers.

Negotiations - we believe that negotiation is a critical skill in any market. We work with you to negotiate the best offer and work to secure a back-up offer in the event your buyer terminates.

Transaction Management - with a lot of moving parts, our goal is to get you to closing on time so you can get on with your plans, on time. With an escrow team, a lending team, appraisers, inspectors, other agents, other parties to the contract, it's important to have a team that can meet timelines and hold others accountable to do the same. We manage your sale and purchase from start to finish and use the services of a dedicated transaction coordinator to assist.

One of the greatest expenses to a seller is the money they don't make off the sale. Don't take shortcuts - get top of range.



Do you want to sell but have no idea how you will get your house ready for market? You need to get all the money from the sale that you possibly can so a cash offer is not an option? Keller Offers' Ready to Sell program may be a great fit for you. With no upfront costs, no mark-ups and zero interest for 12 months, we can have your house ready for market in just a few weeks. Here are a few of the services you can use through our Ready to Sell program:


New Floors



Professional Cleaning

Kitchen remodel

Bathroom remodel

Junk Removal

Roof Repairs

Color match appliances

...and more!

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